Friday, January 21, 2005

Fresh Out of Africa

It's jolly fun to ponder what sort of tooth-gnashing fury our Intelligent Design friends were sent harrumphing into last night upon watching The Journey of Man on PBS last night. (Well, hell's bells, I know those people don't watch science documentaries on PBS, but it's fun to pretend that we have even one cultural touchstone in common.) It's hilarious to consider that they restrict their bowdlerization of scholarship to the teaching of biology; if you would have us cleave to Ol' Nobodaddy and scorn the Mephistophelian temptations of humanism, then you must also refute huge swathes of physics, medicine, chemistry, astronomy... But the affronts to Biblical inerrancy in those sciences are, you know, hard to understand, unlike the rather more digestible concept, My granddaddy weren't no monkey!

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XTCfan said...

You obviously never met my granddaddy.