Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Cheesy Farfeezy and the Harp Through the Fender Twin

Hey, what happens when you lash together a garage full of drum gear, a son who happens to be a mighty good drummer and a fine summer's weekend morning?

Why, you just might come up with something like this: Bob Dylan's "If You Gotta Go, Go Now," featuring Freddie Jingo on the traps! He smack 'em good!

Microphones hung from ceiling rafters and shoved into kick-drums, computer gear lugged into place, MP3 guide track on the old iPod, and plenty of fine coffee. Makes for a grand way to pend a couple of hours.

Afterward, back in the studio, added all the rest of the stuff you hear -- guitars, percussion, mouth harp, Cheesy Farfeesy.

Damn, this was fun.

And boy howdy, the song just reminds me once again: I sure as shootin' glad that I wasn't of the right age, the right sex, or the right geographic location to get on the pissed-off side of Bob Dylan in about 1964. Woof! 


Chris Cole said...

That sounded great dude. Keep up the great work playing great music. Hope to hear more from you and your boy.

Elise said...


Jeremy Cherfas said...

Excellent noise. Up there with my favourite cover version of that song, by Fairport Convention. Which wins by a whisker because it is in French.


Kevin WOlf said...

Great fun. Nice bashing by Breddie Fingo.

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boomer bob said...

"Damn, this was fun."

Damn, it must've been; the results were awesome.

Tell the son and others, they rock!!!

Too good to be giving their music away - they should be getting paid for sounds this good.

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