Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Go-to Guy

I'm gonna be your go-to guy.

I've been gone to quite a few times in the past, and have rarely disappointed. You can go to me with quiet confidence that your going-to will be rewarded. I have exhibited an unmistakable pattern of success at being gone to. And I have every expectation that future goers-to will be pleased with the results at having gone to me. By this time next year, I will have been gone to even more times than I have been gone to in past years, and I fully expect this improvement to continue. I will look back with quiet satisfaction on a record of high achievement in the area of having been gone to, knowing full well that those who have gone to me have never been sorry that they went to me. I will have been gone to without spite or cavil; and having been gone to, I will be gone to again.

Don't go to that guy over there. He's not your go-to guy. Going to him is a guarantee that your going-to experience will teach you never to go to him again. I went to him last week, and he sucked at being gone to.

No, the go-to guy is me. No question about it. I'm the go-to guy.

Whoop, gotta go.


Decatur Dem said...

Yeah, you're a real gone cat. That guy's real gone, too. But gone-to? Nah, he's way too gone. You're the go-to guy, got to say, guy.
Me, I'm gone like a cool breeze.

ChunkyStu said...

Hmm... well I bought it. It was a good go. Not bad for a second try. I can see why some prefer that sort of spontaneous, less rehearsed, off-the-cuff type go at it. Maybe the packaging was a little too clever to properly SELL it. As product savvy consumer I preferred White Music. Although not so much that I would hock myself as a WhiteMusicGuy.

Neddie said...

I realized not long ago that I hadn't listened to side two (the go-to side two!) in easily twenty years. I also understood why.

Greatness was right around the corner, though.

ade said...

Me? I'm more of a black sea bloke.

rotten mcdonald said...

O don't go there.

bobby lightfoot said...

O.K. smart-arse- I need some Quaaludes.