Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Happy Blogroll Amnesty Day!

If the term leaves you nonplussed, read about it here.
  • Blue Wren takes on Andrew Sullivan's goober religiosity.
  • Fred Wickham examines the Super Bowl commercials.
  • Jeremy Cherfas makes him some cheese.
  • James Finn Garner yawps at Rod Blagojevich.
  • Will Divide, my Chumps of Choice partner in crime, rereads Huckleberry Finn. Didn't know he was doing this; I'm in!
I'm supposedly limited to five, but WTF... How'm I supposed to do that?
There, Jon, Skippy, BlueGal.... Done I did some good?


giggles said...

Why thank you, kind sir, for the shout out!!

Will Divide said...

So far most of my readers have been, judging from the search topics, morose teenagers looking for help with their homework.

Thanks for directing a no-doubt-finer group my way.

And guthoo!

Christopher said...

I am flattered and humbled, sir!

Jeremy said...

Flattered, humbled, and grateful, too. I hope I don't disappoint. But, and I quote, "To You, It's a Blogroll; to Me, It's a Sacred Trust"

Fred Wickham said...

Thanks. As somebody once said, I'm flattered and humbled.