Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Got Lurid?

The first thing I'll do with a new hardcover is remove the dust jacket and store it somewhere safe. Replace it when I'm done, of course, and ready to store it on the shelf.

This one I did with perhaps a greater degree of pleasure than usual. Yeah, OK, Southern Cali hardboiled Sixties surfer genre, pretty much calls for lurid neon type on the cover. Don't have much of a problem with that. No, it's the hideous neon-pink gradient wash the designer put on the inner flaps that does it for me. I couldn't go one sentence without my eye straying off the page and staring fixedly at the strange, strange design choice, me thinking whyyyyyy?

Picked it up yesterday, only had time for one chapter last night. No immediate impressions formed yet, up or down. I did get a pretty serious gut-laff from the stoner lawyer, Sauncho Smilax, as Doc is using his One Phone Call to try to get out of jail:
"It's like Donald and Goofy, right, and they're out in a life raft, adrift at sea? for what looks like weeks? and what you start noticing after a while, in Donald's closeups, is that he has whisker stubble? like, growing out of his beak? You get the significance of that?"

"If I find a minute to think about it, Saunch, but meantime here comes Bigfoot and he's got that look, so if you could repeat the number back, OK, and--"

"We've always had this image of Donald Duck, we assume it's how he looks all the time in his normal life, but in fact he's always had to go in every day and shave his beak. The way I figure, it has to be Daisy. You know, which means, what other grooming demands is that chick laying on him, right?"


EmployeeoftheMonth said...

C'mon shipment, get here already.


sfmike said...

It's going to be strange reading it all alone.

Will Divide said...

Awww, mike. . . **sniff**

The acid magenta flaps work fine for me, gives the text a certain nostalgic glow.

I have high hopes of finishing it today, will check back if anyone wants to, y'know, discuss it?

CrayolaThief said...

Friend Jingo, be sure to keep your devoted listeners informed of your reaction as you wrap this one up. If I weren't currently adenoid-deep in the Infinite Summer, I'd be right in there alongside you. "Faint praise" seems to be the general critical reception, as far as I can tell, but I'm optimistic.

Tor Hershman said...

That is a too cool cover.

Jimintampa said...


Just about finished. It's not "Gravity's Rainbow," but hell, nothing else is either. I appreciate the slow tempo and the archaic (well, not to me) dope/rock references. Nothing that will replace heungh, heungh in my personal lexicon though.

Tim said...

that funny