Saturday, November 28, 2009

Now Joining 21st Century...

First post from my snazzy new Droid!

Gonna be real short, 'cos this keyboard is gonna take some getting used.

But hey! Lookit me! Smartphone!

(Getting some insight into that 140-character limit at Twitter. Also. Too.)


Roger D. Parish said...

Celebrating your employment with an early Christmas present to yourself, eh, Neddie? That's cool; you deserve it. I assume you're on Verizon?

(Ooh, first post! [how gauche!])

Neddie said...

Birthday, actually, Roger, but yeah.

We're so stuck to Verizon it's not even funny. It would cost us... a king's willie randolph to switch to AT&T, so when this Droid thing showed up -- and employment began to look like I absolutely needed a smartphone -- I took the plunge.

I've been playing with rapt elation all afternoon. Some of the things it does are damned close to black flipping magic. Wait till you see Google's Voice Search. Holy kazoosis!

nolierob said...

Neddie - missed you - thrilled that you are back!