Thursday, August 19, 2010

Enlivening Life with Song

Daily, I drive through the lovely little hamlet of Paeonian Springs, Va.

Rarely does this brief visit fail to set off in the Jingo cranium the little ditty that I once penned as a sort of Town Anthem. It's a waltz-time thing, goes something like this:

Paeonian Springs,
Paeonian Springs,
You can poop where you want, but...
Paeonian Springs!

You're welcome, Paeonian Springs! You're cute!


Anonymous said...

Bought gas in Ohiopyle, PA, the other day. A name to conjure with, and a testament to an age when your average wandering surveyor or land speculator had a smattering of Greek.

- Davis X. Machina

roxtar said...

I love it when things come full circle. Peonian Springs puts me in mind of falling water. Fallingwater is located in/near Ohiopyle, PA. And there you have it. (If you're looking for a diversion on an autumn afternoon, you could do a lot worse....)

racketmensch said...

Have you ever seen a Catharpin?

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