Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Endless Self-Reinvention

If ever I manage to delude myself into thinking I've written a sure-fire Number-One-with-a-Bullet country song, and that the next step is to record it and release it to a slavering world, I will do it under the stage-name that I just invented:

Gulfstream Walters.

"That Gulfstream, he sure could write a tearjerker, couldn't he. Right up there with Willie Nelson and Ernest Tubb, that boy. Remember his 'She Stopped Loving Him Before She Even Met Him'?" 

Walters. Gulfstream Walters. An American original. Him and that licorice hat. Classic.


uncle rameau said...

Airstream Traylor?

210 highlar

Kevin WOlf said...

Welcome back, Neddie.

xjmueller said...

Distinctive, that licorice hat.

krim penghilang flek hitam ampuh dan aman said...