Friday, October 28, 2005

Help Out a Brother

Jingo-pal Helmut over't Phronesisaical solicits your opinion, to help him in his research: What do you think "globalization"means?

The Jingster urges you: Hop over there and give him a piece of your mind, please. What's it gonna cost ya? Your species-being?


helmut said...

Species being. Nice reference. I still like the stuff on alienated labor, though in my former youthful Marxist philosopher days (before I became a Deweyan pragmatist and then an ad hoc philostopher) I really never could figure out what Marx meant by species being. Heidegger tried to do that, I think, but it was all so messy.

Thanks for the link my dear Mr. Jingo.

helmut said...

One other thing -- the Kinks' Too Much Monkey Business.