Monday, October 02, 2006



I am one self-centered turd.

Supposed ta be buildin' a goddamn community, here, a Twenty-First Century MetaCollective, a balls-out leap into the unknown that we all take together!!!

An' here's me, month after month, sitting in front of the goddamned mirror, gazing deeply into the strange, unnatural beauty of my own (admittedly captivating, limpid-pool-of-deep-deep-water-resembling) eyes.

Fuck me and my narcissism!

Let's fix that, shall we?

Will Divide, of Huck and Jim, 's been commenting here with lucidity and an impressive command of lit'ry insight, most of it, apparently, learned at the feet of Deadwood's David Milch. Welcome to the blogroll, cocksucker! I loved this post about the imminent demise of the Party We Do Not Mention in These Pages. His name is either a verb or not, depending on whether you want it to be.

Patrick of Blowing Sh*t Up with Gas has likewise been mixing it up in here most engagingly for some time. Dude, Oranges and Lemons is great, but the XTC album you want is either Skylarking or Apple Venus Volume One.

Fuckin' sidesplittingly mordant post.

No Comments.

Trouser-endangeringly mordant cartoon by the artist's own hand.

No Comments.

What the hell's a mordant guy gotta do? Turn mordant somersaults?

Go enjoy the mordancy of the highly mordant Fred Wickham of Bullseye Rooster. When he's rich and famous for his both mordant and extremely mordant observations, maybe he'll remember the Little People who made it all necessary.

There. Now, back to that mirror....


Will Divide said...

Oh thanks, Ned. I mainly picked up the lit. insight during four years of jeuvenile detention in rural Ohio.

A pretty place, but remote.

roxtar said...

Not Kenyon?