Thursday, April 17, 2008

Freddie Amuses

Driving home from soccer practice yesterday. The news is on the radio -- the Pope dominates (as he does). Freddie (14) muses, "When he was young, do you think the Pope wanted to grow up to be the Pope? Like, he aspired to be the Pope?"

I thought for a bit. "I don't know about the current guy. I do think the last one, John Paul II, did want to be Pope when he was pretty young."

"So do you think that when he was a kid, he'd be outside in the back yard, like, pretending to be Pope? Blessing stuff? Waving to imaginary crowds?"

The ensuing mental picture was worthy of a chuckle...


Larry Jones said...

Hey, what's so funny? Catholic kids actually do this.

reincheque said...

I remember practising Holy Communion for months before the "big day" with chunks of white sliced pan...:-)



kathleenmaher said...

I don't know about when he was a kid, but I'm pretty sure this Pope was lobbying for the job back when I was a kid.

bobby lightfoot said...

Buggerin' imaginary altarboys.

Tellin' imaginary crowds of African malnurished zillions how wrong birth control is.

&*%% the Pope. He's still a Brownshirt near as I can tell.

billy pilgrim said...

yeah, this one was probably out back vivisecting bunnies when he was fourteen