Friday, July 12, 2013

Plus Ça Change

My goodness, things do look a trifle... different... around here. Where the hell did that Breughel thing go?

In gearing up to try to keep this place a teeny bit fresher than I've been able to the last couple of years, I have resorted to a bit of housekeeping. A bunch of scripts no longer worked, a few graphics got lost, and a whole lot of places in my blogroll have gone the way of the Cambrian Explosion.

The new Blogger template that I chose doesn't let me do much by way of the ancient HTML tricks I used to have up my sleeve -- how the hell can I divide links up according to the Noble Eightfold Path if the template admits of exactly one kind of link? A step backwards, if you ask me. I'll get the Mobberly Story thing back up and running as soon as I get a minute. And I need that microscopic bagpipe-guy graphic to be comprehensible.

On the other hand, SEO, way easier permalinks, wider page for modern monitors, a working mobile version.... These things are Not Bad. They are even, you could say, Quite Good. Now if I can just find a way to combine a graphic and searchable text in the header, I'll be golden. (Edit: There! Did it!)

So meanwhile, to keep you entertained, here's a picture of Adolf Hitler striking a pose:

There's lots more where that came from. Dude just couldn't help but be amusing.


Rob H. said...

Slick digs, matey! Glad to see you're back, all lines singled up and all that. And just in time to stake out a shelf in my new Google Reader replacement.

blue girl said...

Hi Jeddie! Great to have you back. You've been missed!

Fred said...

I'd just about written you off during your long hiatus. I missed Neddie, and I'm happy to read you again. O Frabjous Day!

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