Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Bobbing Along in Our Barrel

Terrific quirky show, should have enjoyed huge success at the expense of the smarmy & pious Joan of Arcadia, protagoniste just delectable in brown corduroy ass-pants. Like all great and quirky things, was never given a chance to mature, killed by FOX after only three episodes.

Plus a theme song written and performed by Andy Partridge, a person I'm proud to count among my friends, and who may stand to actually make some dough from the DVD sales.

DVD now released. Buy one to-day, won't you?



I just spoke with him, and Andy Partridge doesn't stand to gain any money at all from the DVD sales -- the production company bought the song's mechanical and performance rights, lock, stock and barrel, by means of an evil little device called a "deal memo," which obliges the artist to commit to a contract before he is actually able to read the contract. Read all about it.

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