Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Cruel Tease

Your Neddie's hot on the trail of one John Mobberly, a Civil War psychopath who raided and plundered and generally Zarqawi'd northern Loudoun County in 1864 and '65 -- loosely allied with Purcellville's John Mosby, but waaaaaaay crazier.

With Union deserter French Bill and an elusive band of ruthless horsemen, he terrorized Loudoun county and the Harpers Ferry area with lightning raids from their mountain hideouts."

Woooo-HOO! Wouldn't you give your left gonad to meet some cat named "Union deserter French Bill?" Well, I've got the pictures to go with the tale, just give me a few days to write 'er up....

Next on the Mobberly Trail: Rashomon in the Blue Ridge