Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A Golden Memory

Pursuant to the Freda Sorce post, I just remembered how I got that toilet-flush sound effect that I used in my Homemade Jingle.

The toilets at home were those silent jobs, no good for recording, but the ones where I worked at the time were fantastically loud. Industrial Strength.

One Saturday I put the weiners -- aged about 4 and 3 -- in the car with my 4-track and a good mike, stand and cables, and off to the office we went. Into the mens' room. Set up the 4-track on the washstand, mike on gooseneck stand stuck right down into the bowl. Set levels. Cued tape.

Shushed the kids. Bought them both a Coke to keep 'em happy.

Hit "Record." Flush.

"Daddy, when are you gonna be done?"

"Oh, buddy, you've got to keep really quiet until the toilet's done, OK?"

"Oh, OK, Dad!"

"Record." Flush.

"You done yet, Daddy?"

Arrrgh. "No, honey, I'm going to need to do it again, because you talked!"

"Oh, sorry, Daddy!"

"Record." Flush.



Silence. Flush is finishing up, gurgling's coming to an end, this looks like the Good One...

"See, Dad? I kept quiet the whole time!"

Fingers to bridge of nose. Oh, well. I'll fade it in the mix.

I love those kids.

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