Wednesday, July 13, 2005

You Can Help Neddie Jingo...

...Or you can turn the page.

People, I need to get my hit-count up to 500 page-loads today, or the Child Welfare Authorities will take my baby away. Won't you please help? Any small gift or tax-deductible contribution will help, but please, please, please -- don't delay.

Please click here 500 times.

Thank you so much.

One meelyon hits. Skippy wants one MEELyon hits by tonight. Yeesh.


julia said...

well, see, the thing about skippy is, he sees this all as a community effort, and any time you ask him for something (within reason) he ponies up.

When you've been railing against the fates for three years or so, you get so you appreciate that.

Besides, he makes me laugh.

res publica said...

you totally need help, Neddie.

handdrummer said...

But never fear Neddie, we're here for you. Click.