Tuesday, August 07, 2007


In the spirit of the Clean Slate, I have done a little housework on the Blogroll. Vacuumed up a few links that have gone dark, feather-dusted some outdated links, and nailed a few new ones to the wall to cover up that ugly stain from an unfortunate Spaghetti Incident.

Cleek should have been in there long ago. He's been popping in here all the time, making with the comments and the wit, and we share us some interests. He's a Chump regular, too, so that should tell you something.

Richmond Democrat is a Democrat. From Richmond. Nuff Sed.

I like the cut of Christopher M. Walsh's jib. He describes himself as a "Chicago-area writer, actor, director and fight choreographer," thereby demonstrating a deftness with a compound-adjective hyphen. That counts.

And Byzantium's Shores is well worth checking out. Anybody who decorates his blog with a hot babe elbow-deep in a book is all right by me.


cleek said...

i am honored.

Christopher said...

As am I. I can't wait to tell all of my friends.

cleek said...


while i appreciate the link, i'm gonna have to ask you to change it:

i'm now at http://ok-cleek.com