Thursday, August 23, 2007

I Loves Me Some Good Crackpot

Yep. Still avoiding work.

If you're in the same boat as me, perhaps you'd enjoy as much as I have poking around at this site. You need to grok the birth/death dates in the page title to get what's going on.

I love the dude's earnestness, and the facial morphs he does in "Undeniable Proof that Paul McCartney was Replaced with a Look-Alike" are winningly goofy. "The King Is Naked" is some marvelous reading, too -- if you enjoy the Wall-eyed Paranoid School of literature as much as I do. (Scroll down about a quarter of the page for the Loony to begin.)

To this day, my absolute favorite fact that arises from the "Paul Is Dead" hysteria is that Fred LaBour, the man who was most responsible for its spread in America, later became Too Slim, the bassist from Riders in the Sky. Absolutely true.


Kevin Wolf said...

I've never understood the conspiracy-minded. At all. Don't get it.

The good thing is it takes me only a couple of minutes to glean amusement from this stuff while it took the nutcases years to assemble and "investigate" it all.

jdmack said...

When I saw the word "crackpot" in the header, I presumed that you would be writing about this:

As a blogger, you should read it anyway.

J. D.

jdmack said...

Oops! The url was truncated.


J. D.

Neddie said...

Hey, JD! What's the haps, dawg?

I don't think PZ has too much to worry about. The suit is clearly frivolous -- an author, by definition a Public Figure -- can't sue a critic for denigrating his work. At worst, it's a nuisance suit, which will be recognized by the court. And if the judge is feeling particularly beneficent, he'll award attorneys' fees to PZ.

PZ's a good cat; he's linked to some of my posts, and I feel really indebted to him for that. I try not to blogwhore him too much with my drivel, but he's a really decent fella.

Good on 'im!

Evan said...

My favorite thing about the "Paul is dead" meme is that, given the purported death date of the original Paul, and which songs and albums came before that date and which came after, what they're saying is that there's a vast conspiracy to cover up the fact that Paul McCartney had been replaced by a much, much better songwriter.