Friday, January 18, 2008

Shake Your Puddingbowl, Bhattacharya!

Sometimes Life Its Ownself should just be allowed to testify about its own delightful weirdness...

A Sixties Bollywood Beatles sendup:


Carl the Big Fool said...

You've seen this, right?

(Hell, I may have seen it here after you posted it. I forget. Sorry.)

Neddie said...

I didn't post that Beatnix/Stairway to Heaven thing yet, Carl, but three people sent me the same link on the same day a couple of weeks ago, so it must have been making the rounds. And I must be the Go-To Guy for Weird Beatles Phenomena, which is fine by me. Keep the cards and letters coming!

I tried to compose something mentally about it, but it just wasn't right. It's a very funny clip, but it also says alot about the Beatles visual style, how easily it's parodied.

Maybe in a few days, when I've mulled it over more.

joker said...

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Matt said...

Best. Title. Evah.

I think I'll come back, too!

HomefrontRadio (Simon) said...

To explain:

'Beatnix' was an Australian Beatles Tribute band. As my sister breathlessly related to me after seeing them at a local nightclub, they'd do a set of early songs in the Beatlemania jackets, then take a break and come back in Sgt Pepper uniforms and tackle the psych songs.

This clip is taken from Andrew Denton's comedy show 'The Money Or The Gun'. The running gag of the show was although there was a different musical act to close out the show each week, they'd always perform 'Stairway to Heaven'.

It lead to some *bizarre* mashups, as in this 'Rock Lobster' version:

There's also a Rolf Harris version, wobbleboard and all. It's as scary as it sounds.

They were all released on a CD called 'Stairways To Heaven' sometime in the 90's.

Neddie said...

So the Beatnix thing is old, right? So what explains the fact that three people sent me the link within 24 hours of each other? That's what's got me flummoxed.

That Rock Lobsters thing is hi-larious. The poor sap who posted it to YouTube seems to have been laboring under the misapprehension that it was the real B-52s coverin "Stairway to Heaven." Quite a lot of work to look like a fool...

HomefrontRadio (Simon) said...

Let me think. I'm pretty sure it's old enough that Nirvana hadn't hit yet. 1990 maybe?

My sister actually has the video version, which is subtitled '25 versions of the same song'. The joke was somewhat lost on me, as I've never heard the original.

It's probably reached viral meme status due to being in the almighty pile of 'Stairway To Heaven' covers on the popular 'WFMU's Beware Of The Blog' site, (which tends to end up in a circle jerk of reposts between and Boing Boing).

It's old, but it only takes one repost to start the avalanche. (I can recognise a fair few of them from TMOTG - which explains 'The Australian Doors Show' and 'the Sydney Philharmonic').

Another example: I've noticed this 'the Bee Gee's sounded like the Beatles!' meme has been on a few different major sites in the last few days:

Thanks Captain Obvious! (Their first big hit outside of Australia, 'New York Mining Disaster 1941', was sent to record stations in 1967 with no artist information, but unsubtle hints that it was the Beatles, ala the later Klaatu).

It's hardly news, especially to someone who recently shelled out for the 6 CD "Studio Albums '67-'68" collection, (both Mono and Stereo Versions of each album included), and who thinks '69's 'Odessa' is baroque pop goodness, but for some reason it seems to be another meme that's grabbing people's attention. Perhaps American listeners were unaware of their beginnings and think of only the tight pants and high voice disco stuff.

To be honest, Maurice Gibb's vocal on 'Have You Heard The Word' is so Obviously Not Lennon to my ears that i can't believe anyone is fooled.

John said...

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