Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tee Hee

Sent just now:
Dear [Ms. Charlatan-Who-Preys-on-Unemployed-People-for-Annoying-Duck-Commercial-Insurance-Company];

I apologize for my suspicious outburst from this afternoon.

I've been discussing this matter with my wife, and we've agreed that we can't afford to turn down any possible opportunities for gainful employment.

I hope it might be possible to reschedule the interview with Mr. Regional Sales Coordinator.

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience I've caused you.


I've been talking the matter over with Wonder Woman; she approves wholeheartedly as long as I continue to look for work seriously (which I am).

Let's see what arises. I'm willing to make a scene, put out a fag on his desktop, photograph him surreptitiously, record the interview with my pocket recorder, get myself thrown out of the office, do whatever it takes to let be known my utter contempt for this fucking snake-oil salesman.

Stay tuned for FUN!


xjmueller said...

Sorry to see you between jobs, but glad to see you writing. Give em hell.

Neddie said...

Breakfast, xj? Saturday? Bonnie's? I tried that joint in Sandy Hook; it was very blue-collar atmospheric, but I think Bonnie's has it beat by a country mile for quality of cuisine.

ade said...

"put out a fag on his desktop"
Is that an English fag or an American fag, Neddie?
Personally, I think you'd be better going with the American version for maximum impact.

giggles said...

Do have fun...

Fill us in on the tales of riches and work atmosphere they dangle...

Oh, ask them how many hours a week you'll have to work to make that "salary?" How many nights per week? Is it "salary" or "commission?" "To start, is it draw against commission?"

Oh, and then read the fine print on the insurance they sell,understand the stuff they want you to peddle.... X # of dollars for days spent in hospital?? How many days does anyone spend in the hopital anymore.....? There may be good "products" out there....the duck's I don't think is worth the paper it's printed on....?

well, I expect you get my point....

Neddie said...


This just in, in the morning post:

If you are still able to make it today at 2pm that would be great!
Oh, I'm making it, babe. I'm making it.

Is that an English fag or an American fag, Neddie?Whatever it takes, Ade.

Thanks for the prep work, Giggles. These questions are precisely what I will ask, before unloading on the pond scum.

Bobby Lightfoot said...


turnaround is fair etc.

ChunkyStu said...

duck season!

Sarah Hall said...

Hey guys! You don't need to apologize for your suspicious outburst from this afternoon. We completely understand this issue! Perhaps, next time you will be able to cooperate with, and this way you won't be responsible for writing up!