Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Do You Know this Man?

There he was, touseled & highlighted bed-head gleaming with pricey petrochemical sludge, acne glowing painfully under carefully cultivated beard stubble, iPod oozing some dreadful dirgey slop at volume levels guaranteed to leave him deaf by age 50, fitted shirt with diagonal striping and highboy collar, bowling shoes, fondling a mindbendingly expensive digital camera and talking like he'd just climbed out of Zeus' head and invented viral marketing, and I thought Oh sweet Jesus on a rubber raft, my new boss is Nathan Barley!

This is actually an Old Perennial that I've returned to, something that I used to set my watch by back a few years ago. I'm a little hesitant about linking to it, because it does strain the NSFW-o-Meter a bit, which I'd hoped to avoid.

Let's try this: If you are offended by, or are in a physical or contractual situation in which you might be endangered or subject to punishment for viewing material that features the use of a venerable Old High German monosyllable denoting the female pudendum to characterize an unsympathetic and unsavory character in the British manner, then PLEASE DON'T CLICK ON THE LINK.

The rest of you c*nts enjoy the hell out of it.

This is collected from a now-defunct web site called TVGoHome, a parody of a British television guide, written by one Charlie Brooker. As you read, feel the growing glow that wells up from some deep lode of loathing that Brooker nurtures for his invention. It is just viciously, savagely, and bladder-endangeringly funny. (Hard on the eyes, too, if you go into the fine print, but that's where a lot of the action is.)

I know just too many of these guys.

(The reason I'm dredging all this up is that a TV show based on the fictional TV show is about to debut in Britain. I doubt it will retain the name. Early reviews compare it unfavorably to The Office, but I can root for it anyway.)

PS: I got transferred rather than work for the guy. I'd have killed him in the first week.

Maddest of mad props to Adrian Ransome for the show info.

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Bob said...

Sweet Jesus indeed! I forgot about old Nathan Barley and the TV GO HOME site. A gut buster.