Friday, February 11, 2005

He's Better than You'll Ever Know

I've been having a good, long soak in Mike Keneally's work recently, and have become convinced that that bio of his is a carefully erected front: In reality, he arrived fully formed on Planet Earth from the Galaxy of the Guitar Gods to free mankind from the evils of banal music. He is occasionally thwarted by his evil nemesis Prince Diatoniko, the eldritch genius who convinces white people they should clap on one and three during nationally televised figure-skating events, harming the morale of right-thinking people around the globe.

But he will prevail in the end.

Check him out.

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An Upstep or a Downstep said...

great recommendation. gong wildmanfisher beefheart zappa snakefinger residents. this man WAS touched by the guitar gods. the unhappy monologist. cracks me up.