Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Birthday, Bobby Lightfoot!

Detail: Neddie Jingo's tenth birthday party. Neddie, right -- overexposed as usual -- regales the crowd with his lusty interpretation of "The Outhouse Blues" as Bobby Lightfoot, left, wows the ladies with the weightlifter's build and outgoing, winsome personality that will conquer many a maiden's heart over the next decades. Jesus, it was the early Seventies, wasn't it. Think about it: We were one year past Woodstock, six years away from the Sex Pistols.

Happy Birthday to Bobby Lightfoot, who turns 26 today!

May his fortunes increase, and may his manly wick be oft-dipp'd in essential oils extracted from the most exclusive amino acids!

For someone who once, at the age of eight, gave me no choice but to straddle his chest and rain blows on his head while intoning those favorite words of big brothers everywhere, "Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!" he sure is normal.

Pretty sure I wouldn't get away with that now. Mom's paying more attention.

The rest of you goobers, have yourselves a merry little Ex-Muss, and don't take any wooden rhetoric.


Sluggo said...

happy birthday to Bobby indeed.

Christmas birthdays are a bitch, eh? My little bro's is the 28th, and he was always like, "I never get as much good stuff for my birthday as you, waaaa, waaaa..." so of course I had to break a badminton racquet over his whiny head now and then.

ubhova - W advising the Virginia electorate.

blue girl said...

Happy Birthday to Bobby Lightfoot! Being 26 is excellent! (Although I'm not sure I believe that for some reason.)

Jeddie, if I remember that shot of you at the beach -- you look exactly the same!!!!

How funny.

Merry Christmas Ningo Family!

Matt said...

Happy Birthmas, Lightfoot Jingoheads!

beyond passionate said...

cue the Beatles

Bobby Lightfoot said...

Ha ha ha! Stop hitting yourself! Ha! Popped Ned w/ a squirt ring once too and he flushed my head!! Man were we laughin'.

I *am* 26!! Centimeters!!

Christmas birthdays ROCK 'cause Santa'll throw yez a reach 'round if you ask nice.

Thank you, thank you.

goymxcrh- yiddish for Wonder Bread

Kevin Wolf said...

Wish that on my recent birthday I'd gotten a present as good as this post.

(Yes, there are issues. Of course there are.)

Best to you and Bobby...

dupje - a style of mustard