Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Street Day 12/14/05

Over at the American Street, I present a few bullet points ripping Microsoft PowerPoint a new Slide View, in reaction to a WashPost feature about local kids submitting their Christmas Wish List as PPT decks.

Somehow, I manage to make it stand as a metaphor for the disastrous November election. It's quite a feat.

(Edit, 5:24pm: The Street seems to be having some servical trouble. They're in the process of switching over to another provider that is more reliable, but plainly they're not quite there yet.)

((Edit, 8:45 am: They're back up. Now you can go admire my anodyne brilliance.)


helmut said...

Well, by Neddie Jingo (so Christmas-y to say that)! Actually, I can't get the link to work. I'll try later. In the meantime, I'm boarding up my house, stocking crates of baked beans, and loading the shotgun in anticipation of holiday cheer.

blue girl said...

Every Bush speech for the last five years has been a power point presentation. It would probably be reported as genius if he would actually have a power point presentation going on in his next one.

I mean, yesterday the media was praising him for facing reality! Alert the media! Bush acknowledged reality!

I hate power point.

I hate clients who want me to set up a brochure in power point.

I hate people who send me photos in power point and want me to use them for printing.

I'm sure (although not positive) that Excel might have some benefits.

But, I also hate clients who want me to set up a brochure for printing in Excel.

I also hate Word.