Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Street Day 12/7/05

Your Ned waxes waxily at The American Street, the result of a long, languid soak in the combination of a WashPost article about local real-estate developers' scummy tactics and a piece by the ever-chirpily-optimistic James Kunstler at Clusterfuck Nation.

Did you know they had to evacuate the 2000 residents of the Tulun Islands in the South Pacific because ocean water levels had risen to the point where the islands were untenable?

Yeah, that Global Warming might turn out to be a bit of a problem.


Mary said...

This government does NOT care if anyone drowns. They already demonstrated that with Katrina. We are forwarned.

XTCfan said...

Scientists have discovered, from analyzing ice samples taken from the Antarctic, that temperatures are higher now than they've been in 650,000 years.

Sounds as if we need to study the problem a bit more. Wouldn't want to damage the interests of the Oil Mafia, after all...

rkdha (or of Gazprom)