Thursday, December 31, 2009

Little Help?

A commenter has alerted me that his malware detector was triggered by the "Santa Baby" stream.

Has anybody else had this happen?

Actual message: "my AVG malware detector sez you have a problem - probably not related to microlegs."

I can confidently say that any problem in my life has never been, and is unlikely to ever be, related to microlegs. However, I don't want to be serving up malware.

Anybody else seen this?

Oh, and... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Mike said...

I have Avast as my antivirus on my XP box, and it plays just fine in Chrome and Firefox with no AV warnings. The audio, though, is distorted for me even when I download the mp3 first and play it in itunes. Could be a sound card thing, though.

Neddie said...

Well, one thing I can guarantee is that the original recording is not distorted. Limiting during the mix process makes sure of this. At no point does the mix hit the red.

Distortion happens when there is excessive gain at the input stage. (H/T Dave Gregory.) Do you have some kind of major difference between your computer's input settings and the output? That'll cause unpleasant distortion.

But this malware thing, this worries me...

xjmueller said...

no problems here - using avira av. sounds good - no distortion on my netbook. another great christmas tune from you and BG.

Unknown said...


I just retried the Santa Baby link, and


Musta been a temporary malfunction at my end.