Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Taking Ball, Going Home

Prolly quixotic as all get-out, prolly asinine for any number of reasons, prolly completely impossible legally... But it has a certain...symmetry...that's impossible to deny given the region's history. And Jesus Christ would it be emotionally satisfying.

Growth Foes Seek to Divide Loudoun in Two

By Michael Laris
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Gathered around folding tables in a cramped community center room decorated with a watercolor of an idyllic red barn, three dozen secessionists plotted to cut Loudoun County in two.

There was a Web designer, a software programmer, a geographer, a government investigator, a pet sitter, several local officials and much talk of revolution. Their goal: to form a more perfect county, or at least a less developed one, by breaking away from more suburban Loudoun.

"Just as the Founding Fathers freed themselves from the yoke of the British, this is a similar effort," said Robert W. Lazaro Jr., an aide to county board Chairman Scott K. York (I) and member of the town council in the western Loudoun community of Purcellville. The group met there last week and will do so tonight....

Well, I think to that Web designer, software programmer, geographer, etc., you can add one cranky bulldozer-hatin' blogologist, if he can figure out where this thing is taking place tonight (the WashPost article wasn't very clear).

Aux barricades, mes enfants!

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