Thursday, March 02, 2006

An Idle Thought

When teenaged kids in Kathmandu get baked on a big brick of hash, do they sit around and talk about Western philosophy?


Bobby Lightfoot said...

And when they get the munchies, WHAT ON EARTH DO THEY EAT?

helmut said...

Bobby: The hash brownie two-in-one. What an invention.

That is, in the Kathmandu "bistros" in Thamel where you can also find bagels and pizza.

Actually, Nepalese teenagers didn't smoke dope until Westerners came along and found fields of weed growing like weeds, so the question isn't that far off. But the sadhu, the guys in the photo, have always used it. I spent my time talking with sadhu about Hindu/Buddhist/folk thought,and getting tired very quickly of lentils.

ade said...

Perhaps they sit around chatting about American Idol.
"yrrzkrv" muttered Flash through his broken teeth

Anonymous said...

I think that they talk about Vulcan philosophy. The old dudes need to work a little on the ol' live long and prosper, though.

ilgvitv: Spock's hot cousin that he lusted after, once every seven years.

roxtar said...

Eastern dude #1: Dude, like, Bentham was so cool. He said....uh, what was I talking about?

Eastern dude #2: bentham, man.

Eastern dude #1: Oh, yeah. Anyway, bentham said that actions are right only insofar as they tend to produce the greatest balance of pleasure over pain for the largest number of people.

He called this (giggle) the greatest happiness principle, man. Is that cool or what?

Eastern dude #2: It would give me greatest happiness if you would shut the fuck up and pass the chillum, dude.

Eastern dude $#1: Dude, I'm getting tracers from my fingertips...check this out....zyyumfi....whoooah.

Bobby Lightfoot said...


*cough* *cough*

ha ha ha HAAAAAAAAA.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Neddie, but they'd have nothing to talk about. :(