Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Scrotum Successfully Tickled

The prevailing emotion around Jingo Acres today has been one of zombiefied elation, as I oscillate cometlike between the solar pole of ecstasy at the knowledge I'm a Koufax finalist for Best Writing and the black deep space of the sleep I lost last night at the Ray Davies concert I saw. I didn't get to bed till 1:30 am -- this on a school night -- but as my bleary eyes lit on the email from a friend this morning informing me I'd made the short list, I woke up in a jiffy.

The cold slap came, of course, when I read the rest of the names on that Koufax list. A creeping guilty sense of fraudulence -- probably the one meant for, but dodged by, Jack Abramoff -- insinuates itself when I read my name listed between those of Michael Bérubé and Courting Destiny, followed by a Murderer's Row of intimidatingly eloquent voices. Interestingly, I'm also now rather severely hobbled by self-consciousness: You gonna put that big fat black-assed banner in your right rail, honcho, you better write real good, punk-ass! I'm pretty sure I'll get over this.

My humblest thanks to everybody who voted for me in the first round. I ruefully acknowledge that the competitive field is so excellent that a blandly pinko short-form culture-vulture like myself has little chance against the likes of some of those marquee names, but if you would drop in at the Wampum site and pencil me in I would deeply appreciate the recognition. That link again is here. Once again, here is the link.

Please, also, while you're there, drop a farthing into the Wampum Tip Jar. The service they provide in fostering a sense of community in this fractious little world is immeasurable.

(Later: Wampum's commenting capability is pretty taxed by the heavy voting. If you're having trouble getting into the Comments, you can also vote by sending email to wampum @ nic-naa.netm, subject Koufax.)

PS: The Ray Davies review I've promised is coming. Tomorrow morning, OK? Right now I'm officially outta gas.


Matt said...

Congrats, Neddie! It's a remarkable, and well-deserved accomplishment.

But if you let this accolade (and getting to the finals this year is definitely an accolade) inhibit your writing, I'm going to kick you in the klubyha!

Arvin Hill said...

I'll be looking for your essay in Harpers soon.

no pressure

Kevin Wolf said...

Jesus, Neddie, you absolutely belong on that list.

Get a good night's sleep and then treat yourself to a cuppa herbal mehxb blend tea...

BTW, really like the new banner.

Marisacat said...

you so deserve to be on that list.

Blissful writing.

I voted for you... ;)