Friday, March 10, 2006

Openly Whoring Now

Koufax Awards voting is over Sunday, so here's your last chance to tickle my scrotum.

I mean, criminy, look at that "This Weather" post down there. Ain't she a beaut? Surely that's worth a vote at that ol' Koufax ego-strokin' Best Writing contest? Does Magik-fuckin'-thise inform you she got laid this morning with quite so much pa-na-chee? Huh? Does Drift-pissin'-Glass employ three fine synonyms for "horny" in one paragraph, without recourse to Roget? I put it to you, sir, that he does not!

You can also vote for the Jingo of your choice in these categories:

Best New Blog

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition

Best Post

Best Series

Most Humorous Blog

Most Humorous Post

And the time at which you can vote in these categories is NOW. Ending Sunday.


helmut said...


My favorite is Atrios for Best Writing. He is indeed the master of the "Open Thread."

Lance Mannion said...


You and I have to get together and do something about this Driftglass Guy. He's muscling in on our turf and making plays for our wimmens.

I voted for you for something. I'm not telling you for what. It would just make you conceited. Your modesty and humility is what makes this blog what it is and it's what keeps us coming back.

blue girl said...

I'm not sure I like the visual of Lance Mannion tickling Jeddie Ningo's scrotum.

I should probably be the one doing it, but I'm not sure I like *that* visual either.

Not on a Sunday morning anyway.

Kevin Wolf said...

Hey, I did my part for the Jingo scrotum. Enough already.

And for this comment I had to endure gqdpxvj - which is even more than I'd planned on.

roxtar said...

And who, pray tell, shall tickle the scota of we, the unwashed and un-nominated? Our scrotum is large! It contains multitudes! And it goes, sadly, untickled. Which sucks like a hole in a space suit.

Res Publica said...

Roxtar's comment caused me to spit coffee on my laptop. So thanks, jerk. Anyway, how do you actually vote in these things? Just leave a comment on the post with the nominees for that catagory or what? Also, why isn't there a Wikipedia article about the damn Koufax awards? Everyone's like "Koufax this" and "Koufax that", and I'm lost like a hooker in church. Anyway, consider your nuts tickled, Neddie. I'm willing to vote for you for "best writing" if you vote for me for "best new blog", since I figure those are statements with similar levels of truthiness.

helmut said...

Roxtar - you know you got my vote for the category of If You Had Been Nominated for Best Commenter, You Would be Best Commenter.

Very cool self-referentiality, Res Publica. Whoring on a whoring post. I can lift my skirts for just about anyone too. Vote Phronesisaical for Most Deserving of Wider Recognition! We'll cut taxes, get us out of Iraq, fund universal health care, and tapdance.

In the sports world of whoring, this one is an aneace.