Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Helmut demands answers to some mighty apposite questions:
At a certain point, shouldn't we begin asking wholesale, publicly, openly what it is exactly we would like as a society? A more specific way of putting this in the present context is to ask what the limits are in the "war on terror." We know now that, unjustifiably (other than parroting the "war on terror" mantra) there are few limits internationally. The US will torture and then quibble legalistically over the language, pushing the burden of proof onto the Spanish Inquisition to defend its historical self against benign modern American interrogation practices. Is the Spanish Inquisition the limit?


SquareRedBrick said...

Deep questions call for Haiku answers!

The skatterbrained bear
Wandered near the trembling duck.
"Look! Immigrants! Quack!"

SquareRedBrick said...

Dark, dank and dirty
Many nasty things grow here
Under this small Bush.