Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What We Shall Call Disagreement

I see Blogger's back to the hours-long outages of its charming juvenile period. All I can say is, I want my money back.

I don't usually do these, for the simple reason that everybody else does, but what the hell. If everybody else jumped off a bridge, would I? Yes, I suppose I would, but only sarcastically:

Shorter Richard Cohen:
I don't read my email.


Mike said...

"Lynch mob"? Why not say it was just like the holocaust? Oh yeah, that would be diluting the impact of the word, and cheapening the loss of so many lives. It's only right that we not trivialize the holocaust by comparing it to an online pissing match. But lynch mob is alright because, uhm, because it was a whole lot of email.

fgfdsg said...

or "None of you have a valid or interesting opinion to contribute to this debate, unlike me".

The best part is he admits to having only read a few, then declares himself under attack then forms theories of 'democratic anger' from the few he did read. How did he know the other 3,000 weren't intelligent and thoughtful comments?

I see seven cows in the field.
All are black.
Therefore all cows are black.

Nice going Richard. It's just lazy writing and forming the conclusion you want to see.

Bobby Lightfoot said...

I just like th' idea of jumping off a bridge sarcastically.