Monday, March 24, 2008

Marking the Resurrection

My work buddy Jason spent his Saturday in a far sillier way than did we, who prepared to mark the Resurrection with deep contemplation and fervent prayer.

This sort of thing must be stopped, for the greater good of the Republick. John Adams would not have approved.


jdmack said...

I celebrated the coming of spring the same way I do every year - with my once-a-year listening to "Jesus Christ Superstar."

"We need a more permanent solution to our problem"

J. D.

Anonymous said...

(Completely from memory, I swear):

Tell the rabble to be quiet
We anticipate a riot
This common crowd
Is much too loud

Tell the mob who sing your song
That they are fools and they are wrong
This common crowd
Is much too loud

(Off) Hey sanna ho sanna sanna sanna ho
Sanna hey sanna ho-sannah!
Hey JC, JC, you're all right by me
Sanna ho, sanna hey superstar!

Sweet motherfucking Jebus, thanks for putting that in my fucking head oh the pain the pain....

Don't let me stop your great self-destruction!
Die if you want to, you misguided martyr!
I wash my hands of your demolition!
Die if you want to you innocent puppet!

jdmack said...

It's all good stuff, Anonymous. All good stuff (be sure to check out the bass playing "What's The Buzz?" Simply killer!).

J. D.

Ebon Krieg said...

Easter and the resurrection are 40 days apart... Sorry about picking nits. I like your site. More history please.

Anonymous said...

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