Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Schadenfreude's a Bitch

I'm afraid I emitted a long, low, throaty chuckle when I read this graf. I'm not going to mention the name because I want to stay out of the search engines --they still hold a small amount of power over me -- but read the rest of the article here.
Several recently departed executives contacted this week described the climate at [company name redacted] as acrimonious. They said there had been confrontational meetings of employees as well as screaming matches in offices, as senior executives worried about making their aggressive quarterly ad sales goals.
Bastards are going down.


Larry Jones said...

I've never heard his name pronounced, but it looks like it rhymes with "pukes."

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

I didn't follow the link, but am pretty sure who you're talking about. Thing is, they're in the news today having just spent $850m buying a social networking site.

Neddie said...

Huh. BeBo, whaddya know. Well, that's good, because I still own a lot of stock.

I'm being cagey about the name because the guys I work for now -- ex-that-company to a man -- have That Company as a major customer, and I'm too well known as ex-That Company.

Anyway, we just interviewed a developer -- also, whaddya know, an ex-That Company guy, laid off same day as me -- and I happened to run into him as he was getting into his car.

His vanity plate?


Oh, how we laughed....

SAW said...

Hey, with nine million DIALUP customers, they're cutting edge.

bobby lightfoot said...

I think you should just cop to working for International Male.