Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Audience Participation Time

OK: Over the past few days I've collected three free iTunes songs from my lunchtime Pepsis.

All you anodyne music weenies: Create me a three-song playlist that will blow my kidneys out my back and clear the snot out of my sinuses.

I am open to any and all genres. However, my kidneys will likely remain firmly in place if you nominate anything sung by a goateed twat in a cowboy hat.

Put your lists in the Comments section.

Winner gets the three songs.


Employee of the Month said...

Yellow Plastic-cap Aural Boon:

Autumn Leaves - McCoy Tyner
Vermillion - Mercury Rev
Helene Grimaud - Chopin & Rachmaninov Piano Sonatas - Raindrops Bonus Track

Bill said...

1)"Dear Old Stockholm" Arthur Taylor and Taylor's Wailers;
2)"Prove It" Television
3) "Smells Like Teen Spirit" The Bad Plus

Bobby Lightfoot said...

"Rainy Days And Mondays"- Carpenters
"One Down, Three To Go"- The Meatmen
"Galveston"- Glenn Campbell

Anonymous said...

"Paperback Writer", "And Your Bird Can Sing", and "Love You To" from Revolver.
See, I played most a that guitar too on that rekkid.

Rob Hill said...

"Pasties & a G-String" - Tom Waits
"Fire Engine" from Fahrenheit 451 - Bernard Herrmann
"Sex Farm" - Spinal Tap

Bobby Lightfoot said...

By the way, don't you think you should have that lunchtime pepsis checked out?

Anonymous said...

Clint Black- "My Country Or Nothin'"

The Mulletfarmers- "Proud To Be The Product of The Nashville Machine".

Goatee McHatt- "Don't Never Forget September Whatever-It-Was".

Anonymous said...

Hellbound Train - Savoy Brown
Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Highway to Hell - AC/DC
Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan

Carl said...

DJ Reset/Beck vs. Jay-Z and Pharrell, "Frontin' on Debra"
1000 Homo DJs, "Supernaut"
Maze, "Joy and Pain"

Anonymous said...

Little Feat: Cold,Cold,Cold

Brand X: Nuclear Burn

Narada Michael Walden: Title song, The Garden of Love Light (solo debut album).

In that order - they're good for hangovers too!

russell said...

Don't Be Cruel - The Residents
I'm Downright Amazed At What I Can Destroy With Just A Hammer - Atom And His Package
Big Hollow Man - Danielle Dax

These might help kidney stones as well.


Anonymous said...

"'Are You Gonna Be My Girl" - Jet
"I Predict a Riot" - Kaiser Chiefs
"This Fire" - Franz Ferdinand

Scott said...

"The Lunchtime Pepsi's" sounds like a good band name.

Anyway, here's my list:

Mine's Not a High Horse - The Shins
Tiny Cities Made of Ashes - Modest Mouse
Such Great Heights - The Postal Service

Anonymous said...

Goin' Down-Freddie King
Godless-Dandy Warhols
Motor Away-Guided by Voices

Anonymous said...

"I'm Not There," Bob Dylan
"Thirteen," Big Star
"Fuck and Run," Liz Phair

Idaho Dad said...

"Such Great Heights" - Iron & Wine
"Landlocked" - David Mead
"Homesick" - Kings of Convenience

Anonymous said...

"Red Headed Woman" - Sonny Burgess
"Loco Mosquito" - Iggy Pop
"Lighten Up" - Beastie Boys

Anonymous said...

Conjunction Junction - Jack Sheldon
For the word fan in you.

Hey Celcelie - E*I*E*I*O
It just rocks. I mean, it... just... ROCKS.

Kick Out the Jams - MC5
Play loud -- play very loud.

Anonymous said...

The Ballad Of The Night The Clocks All Quit (And The Government Failed) - Tonio K.

Throw It Away - Joe Jackson

...and (after some deliberation), the first song I bought on iTunes:
That's Entertainment - The Jam