Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Like an Iodine Contrast X-Ray

Remember this pic?

I took the photo a few weeks ago to vaguely wave at the general area where Civil War Psycho John Mobberly took advantage of his intimate knowledge of the local mountain paths to guide remnants of Elijah White's Comanches over Short Hill to attack an encampment of Yankees outside Lovettsville.

Wellsir, since I took the picture we've had us a little snowfall.

Ain't it just transcendently weird what Mother Nature will do sometimes, her wonders to perform...?

You couldn't get a better look at Egg Path if you'd shot high-contrast iodine into Short Hill's veins and took an x-ray... That path is completely invisible unless it's snowed...

Up next on the Mobberly Trail: There's nothing like a dame. Or three dames, in this case.

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Much better thanks.