Monday, October 24, 2005

It Is to Be Enjoyed

On its owner's invitation, The Harridans admire Little Evvis. Soon after this photo was taken, Bobby Lightfoot (far right) declared himself Quite a Lot Bigger Evvis.

The Harridans' preparations continue apace in the campaign to rip your head off at Jay's Saloon & Grille in Arlington this coming Saturday night.

We've rehearsed -- well, you'd be amazed by the amount we've rehearsed, and have decided that any more rehearsal is just going to harm the spontenoodity of the righteous rocking. A ragged edge or two just lends authenticity, dig?

Two-thirds of us have played this joint twice before, under the nom-de-rock Scooby Don't. It's a beautiful little dive on 10th Street, a real taste of pre-Yuppie-Scum Arlington. The day Jay's goes under, you'll know the Bastards have finally won.

We're playing a master-class of Rock's Early Years: toe-tapping favorites covering the Chuck Berry Songbook, the Carl Perkins Oeuvre, the Beatles Gestalt, the seminal work of Evvis from Mevvis, plus some Race Music just to mix things up: Al Green, Urethra Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Add to this a few nods to Swingin' London, circa nineteen-sixty-amphetamine, and you have a program of fine, fine rocking to help you relax, kick back, and set about talking your honey into a Saturday-Night drunk-fellatin' mood. (Or a Connie-Lingual mood, if that floats your little man in a boat.)

Come on down, Washintonians and -ennes! Having your head ripped off is actually a pleasant experience. It is to be enjoyed.


Anonymous said...

Damn but I wish I could be there.

The Viscount LaCarte said...

You and me both!

XTCfan said...

Me, too! Oh. Wait.

>The day Jay's goes under, you'll know the Bastards have finally won.<

And, with the storied Whitey's now gone, that day is edging nearer. Come on down and experience authenticity while you still can, folks. If Jay's goes under, we'll have to set our sights for the next gig on Annandale and play here. I was there Saturday night and knew it had the Right Stuff the second I saw the No Gang Colors sign at the entrance.


Employee of the Month said...

Can you gaurantee that there will not be a rumble between the Mods and Rockers or is that part of the Master Plan?

zotxshiq (! cards down, we have a winner!)

Linkmeister said...

Annandale? Annandale! My home throughout my high school years! Ah, that miserable football factory which gave my poor Jefferson Colonials fits!

Guess we showed them, though, becomin' a magnet school and all.

Anonymous said...

Dammit, you guys just had to wait to do this until just a coupla weeks after I move 3000 miles away. I would have been thrilled to drive 20 minutes for this gig. Six hours on a plane is probably a bit much tho.