Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I Can Fly!



BIRTHDAY-irthday-irthday-irthday-irthday-irthda y-gzhzhzhzhzhzh

HERR-air-air-air-air-air-air-ay-ay-aee-ee-squee-squ ee-squee-orange!

DOKTOR-oktor-oktor-oktor-tarock-the-rock-the-rock- THE ROCK

ALBERT-albert-talber-talber-talber -gwonk

HOFMANN-offman-off!man!-off!man!-off!man! jesusdidIjustsaythatordiditjustTHINKit

Is he looking at me? IS HE LOOKING AT ME? I can't tell if he's looking at me.



Employee of the Month said...

Remember to use your zipper code.

Anonymous said...

You did file a flight plan, eh?

Is this a business or pleasure trip?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow - the sentences in your blog are all different colors! Is anybody else seeing that?

Anonymous said...

Shit!! Oh well, I didn't know the acid scene in Easy Rider was supposed to be a bummer until I read the reviews. My Bad....

beyond passionate said...

Boy, give me some "2001" Soundtrack" background music as I read that. I'm ready.


Bobby Lightfoot said...

Dude- put on "Terrapin Station". Do NOT, I repeat do NOT put on any Frank Zappa.

You are a living, breathing organism on this spaceship Earth.

Keep saying that to yourself. You need a pillow? Get a pillow.

Christ, I got trick dosed in '98. It was rough.

It's JUST A DRUG. Repeat that to yourself. There WAS a Beatles. John is FINE.

xfrdg- the sound of yellow.

julia said...

aw, c'mon, I partied with Bear a couple of times. He never once said Oh wow.

He's righteous pissed at the Grateful Dead, though.

An Upstep or a Downstep said...

No Zappa, but a good helping of Beefheart followed with a dollop or two of Wild Man Fisher will cement the lizard part of the brain into permanent overdrive. That's bad by the way...

dhyldit - a peaking response to any question

Jim said...

Dr. Hofmann, by the way, got an honorable mention in "Gravity's Rainbow," with Pynchon visualizing that apocalyptic moment, when it kicked in for the Good Doctor, riding his bike in uber uptight Switzerland.

Neil Shakespeare said...

You'll be fine, son. Just go to the grand piano and sing, at the top of your lungs, 35 times in a row: "It's Up Against The Wall You Redneck Mothers". You'll be just fine.

You know, I don't usually do this, but my wordver is "tytxus".

Tytxus. That wither some sort of dinosaur, the place where George hangs his funny hats, or...naw, I won't go there.