Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Footie

Spain's taking the whole tortilla.

All that choking talk is pretty old, and the team I watched today taking a 4-0 drubbing to Ukraine was quite capable of administering a whuppin' on Germany, Brazil, or any other powerhouse you care to name. Spain's third goal, on the controversial red-card award in the penalty box, was patent bullshit, but the fourth was as nice a football lesson as you could hope the youngsters to witness.

I'll defend this thesis to the death (or until the Spaniards choke like dogs).

Germany-Poland. Jesus. Two direct shots on goal in one second bounce off the crossbar. Heart attacks in the streets of Danzig. Looks like Poland has (have?) dodged a Howitzer shell, and then in the 90th minute -- boom. I don't know what the streets of Dortmund look like tonight, but it can't be pretty.

Missed the Saudi-Tunisia game (a recuperatin' fella has to nod off, Jimmy-Stewart-style, for a couple hours sometime during the long, hot afternoon of the soul) but I'm sorry I did.

And I get to do it all over again tomorrow: Ecuador-Costa Rica; England- Trindad & Tobago; Sweden-Paraguay. Timed that surgery just right, I did.


Mike Kretzler said...

I agree about Spain. I've always liked watching them and the team I saw this morning (got up a 5:00 to see it before work, over here in Pacific time) was the best play I've seen in the first sixteen games.

Hope you recuperate quickly.

helmut said...

Spain usually waits for the knockout round to choke. But... I'm with you. They looked damn good. I'm still going with the Czechs, but Spain vs. the Czech Rep. would be one sweet game.

Sure enough, I timed my academic summer vacation just right too.

XTCfan said...

Ah-HA, your evil plan revealed!! There's nothing at all wrong with your hip, is there Ned?

(A rather brilliant plan, if you ask me. I shoulda thunk it.)

Speaking of heart attacks in the streets of Danzig, perhaps you should read this.

Anonymous said...

Timed that surgery just right, I did.

Indeed -- what a time to be a sports fan.

But Spain isn't going to win it all -- my money's on Argentina!

eRobin said...

My team is Equador because I know people from Equador and a human rights activist who's currently fighting the good fight there. I figure it's as good a reason as any.

Anonymous said...

Blimey! Hip surgery and then watching England's dismal performance against Trinidad & Tobago - talk about kicking a chap when he's down. I hope the medication had kicked in for that match, Ned; at least you could have snoozed through it.
England to go out in the next round thanks to another dismal performance against a team they should, by rights, beat 10-0 on a bad day. Hey, I'm not unpatriotic, I'm realistic. The Argies or Brazilians for the cup as per usual.
wygrodh - Scorer of Croatia's first goal of the tournament.

Anonymous said...

Ah was under th' motherfuckin' stage playin' the ACTUAL drums.

Here's PROOF, man. Here's yo' motherfuckin' PHO-TO: