Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Grownup Strategy

Wow. For two minutes, a presidential candidate for a major party sits and speaks directly to the American people -- and addresses them like they aren't gibbering idiots. The Grownup Strategy.

Wonder if they'll fall for it.


Anonymous said...

I fear I may develop an ulcer and lose all my hair before the next 7 weeks are over.
Obama's new-found willingness to engage in bare-knuckle politics, and his focus on kitchen table economic issues, give me hope. Also, the thought that just maybe the polls are skewed because young potential Obama voters are under-represented because they have cell phones but not land lines.
But where are Biden, the Clintons, and other Democratic bigwigs who should be hitting the circuit every day? Are the media neglecting them because, after all, there are lipstick stories that must be covered? Argh!

Oh, by the way- good to see you again, Ned. Missed ya.

Yodood said...

Yeah, right. Honesty, respect — ehat the hell is he up to anyway? Thanks Neddie, I needed that. The scene seems desperate.

Anonymous said...

That was just great.

Hey Jeddie!

/waves from the bleacher seats

Anonymous said...

Yeah, decatur dem...Where is Biden??!!

Idaho Dad said...

Nah, Americans are too stupid to get past the first ten seconds of that ad.

Most of them will just say, "I ain't votin' for no black dude!"

Sad, but true.

This country really kind of sucks when you get past the few good things we still accomplish.

Anonymous said...

glue birl,
According to, Biden is making several appearances a day in Ohio today & tomorrow. Also, it says that someone named "Joe Obama" will be in Youngstown tomorrow. Hard to tell about that one...

At any rate, it does seem the national media just aren't covering him right now. And the attention Palin is getting might not be the kind she appreciates.

EmployeeoftheMonth said...

Obama speaking this evening at Las Vegas triple-A baseball stadium - Cashman Field. Packed crowd, awesome sight!

Neddie said...

Glue Birl!!!!

Long chime, no squeak!

I'm back in the blogging game, so any observation to that effect back at your place wouldn't go unappreciated....

Same goes for the rest of you folks.

Decatur Dem, my money goes on lipstick. This polesmoker's got a long way to go yet, and Palin's gonna be given the rope with which to hang herself. The Veep debate will be a wash, with Biden tripping over himself not to appear "sexist," despite Palin's obvious shortcomings. Obama will wipe the floor with McSame and he will receive no credit for it.

Election's gonna come down to my Old Dominion, and we must be fully prepared to be 2008's Florida.

handdrummer said...

Good to have you back on Neddie!

I'm sitting here in the back corner of my basement gibbering in the dark over the prospect of a President Palin. Who ever thought we'd be nostalgic for Spiro Agnew?

Jeremy said...

Will they fall for it? I hope so, but I fear not.

Anonymous said...

This will play in Va. Thanks for posting; I was looking for this.

J. Andrew Boyle said...

"Election's gonna come down to my Old Dominion, and we must be fully prepared to be 2008's Florida."

Thank Cats! I was tired of being Florida!!!

Can't wait for the debates. Tide shifting. I see more and more Obama signs in my hood day by day.