Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is There Anything Else You Need To Know?

Offered without comment (mainly because I'm projectile vomiting into a nearby flowerpot):

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harmfulguy said...

What makes me sick is not the interview itself so much as the knowledge that the wingnuts are going to somehow interpret it as a sign of strength.

Yodood said...

51% of the population believes in creationism. 34% believes evolution is the intelligent design of god. The Republican's dug up a female, Christopath governor in of the last pioneer state in a nation with only 15% of the people going with the theory of evolution. Yet, we expect progress from glorified mob rule. To quote Letterman, "Something stinks."

Anonymous said...

"It's funny that a comment like that was made to... char... I dunno... Reporters."

She could have thrown in an "As such." for good measure. Beauty Queen Goes To Washington is turning out to have a stunningly bad script.

Anonymous said...

She's just like us! I also think insects are sinners!

Bible Spice for VP! Long live Saint God!

EVerbody knows you can't see Russia from Alaska! That's Sweden.

Anonymous said...
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