Thursday, June 18, 2009

This Machine, Too, Kills Fascists

Besides Andrew Sullivan and The Huffington Post's outstanding coverage of the events in Iran, I'm finding Al Giordano to be an extremely compelling daily read:

Ever since I penned The Medium Is the Middleman: For a Revolution Against Media, I’ve been waiting for this moment, which I predicted, twelve years ago, would come: a great day when the corporate media got pushed out of the way by authentic media from below. What is occurring worldwide, with the Iranian crisis as catalyst, is the emergence of the very kind of media from below that the human race - particularly the working class and the poor - so desperately needs.

Following these events – including the fast-developing advances in communications strategies and tactics and the efforts from above to censor and cut those communications – provides a gigantic global teach-in and workshop (much like during the 2002 coup attempt in Venezuela) on how it is done. As a journalist, I have always followed the stories that help me to learn something new and important to me. And every hour, I’m learning a new set of tricks from these brave communicators in Iran and around the world: methods and techniques that will serve us in this hemisphere, soon enough, too.

The study of how to break information blockades is a life’s study for some of us. What a wonderful classroom we’ve been provided this week. Perhaps, just as Woody Guthrie painted on his guitar, we will finally be able to mark our communications tools: “This machine kills fascists,” and then evolve it to his friend Pete Seeger’s rejoinder, painted on his banjo: “This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender.”


JC said...


I found "The Field" through Sullivan, too. Giordano is actually from Larchmont (or mamaroneck). I didn't really know him, but met him. He has been active for quite some time. A classic was when he went on the old Morton Downey Jr (remember him?) show about 25 years ago. Hilarious. Giordano must have been in his early 20's, and he got into a chest-thumbing match with Downey over (I think) the issue of Nuclear energy. That's the last I remmebr of the guy until Sullivan had a link to Narco News about 5 years that I followed.
We need to get out to drink again with the Stoic soon. Tomorrow?

Neddie said...

It was Wolcott whose link I followed to Giordano, but nemmind. He's fantastic.

God, Morton Downey, Jr.! Dude had the formula down decades ahead of his time. He coulda been O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Reynolds. Brilliant, in his own twisted way. Fairness Doctrine? Eff that Ess!