Thursday, January 07, 2010

Great Twitterature

They got something hysterically funny going on at Sadly, No!

Great Twitterature Down the Ages

You gotta read the comments. By the time I get to this:

Lincoln’s Log: 87 yr ago the bid doodz started country, vry sad for guyz who died here but we shd kp goin

I'm LOLing...

This, also.


Casey said...

This is making my evening. Better than Hamlet on Facebook!

Rob Hill said...

I enjoyed this one...

Homer: so y r dawns fingers always so rosy?
Homer: im blind pls help me w/ this

Linkmeister said...

Oh wow. Crayola Thief, I'm glad to see somebody else got the same phrase from Homer fixated in memory that I did.

"Rosy-fingered dawn," indeed.