Monday, March 28, 2005

Galen Dissecting a Pig

Things may get a tad bit quiet on the Jingo Front over the next day or two -- I'm scheduled to have some entirely routine surgery that delicacy forbids me to describe in mixed company.

Proponents of Intelligent Design may wish to take note: A human designer so breathtakingly incompetent as to design this particular human feature such that this particular thing routinely goes wrong with it, would be taken out behind the R&D Building and pistol-whipped out of the union.

Posts over the next day or two should be taken with a grain or two of salt. I do not intend to spend the near future in a state of perfect lucidity *cough*Percocet*cough*.

I had thought of live-blogging the procedure, but then contemplated a post that looked this this:

9:15 They're putting in the drip now. Having a bit of a disagreement about the laptop. They don't seem to understand I need these hands for typing.

9:16 Boy, that nurse is eminently prangable, yum yum.

9:18 Anesthesiologist here, explaining why I can't have the laptop. Am arguing violently that my rights as a blogger and a journalist are being violated. Blood pressure going up. Why is that machine going "ping"? Anesthesiologist putting something in dr




[snip, ha ha]

...11:39 hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


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