Saturday, March 05, 2005

Server Logs Are Funny Things...

I've kind of forbidden myself from poring over the Jingo server logs, watching who clicks what -- which is a good thing because it was getting to be a bit of a nasty obsession. The Pickle Fublic -- sorry, that should be Fickle Public, the Cointreau and Robitussin must be kicking in -- can be a puzzling bunch of fuzzbunnies.

But that doesn't mean I've given it up entirely.

One of the things I can get with Statcounter is a list of search queries that people have conducted in order to wind up here. Usually they're pretty straightforward. But how the hell the person who searched on "Gay Manassas" at Google wound up at By Neddie Jingo! will forever be a mystery -- not to mention the occasion of just a teensy little frisson of homosexual panic. When the C&R wears off, I mean. Meanwhile, I hope you bookmarked me.

Come to think of it, John Mobberly did look kinda dishy.


Bobby Lightfoot said...

Check it out- mebbe someone with the surname "Mannasas" was trying to find their lost great-aunt Gay.

Yeh. Perhaps I can use similar logic to explain the (largely fruitless) "Celebrity Bukkake" search i did last week.

No one has heard a thing from Aunt Celebrity since she married that japanese gentleman.

XTCfan said...

Or maybe they misspelled "man asses"?