Monday, May 02, 2005

Another Reason to Love Mike Keneally

This came in his e-newsletter, "The Keneallist," this morning:


Epilady incubator
Fried card snout
This is a bed of flowers
And this, this is some grout
Conveyor belt, squirrel pelt
Thomas Dolby's dreams
Each one of them gathers
At Neil Diamond's house
For soup.

You exceeded the number of bustles
Your hedgerow is zoned to contain
So pack up your socks and shoes
Lox and mussels
In boxes lined with gryphon leather
And arrange for their prompt delivery
To Neil Diamond's house
In time
For cards
For cards
For cards
And soup.

Dedicated to James Joyce, Jon Brion and Bob Keeshan

Go buy some records from Mike. He's only just a musical genius.


Bobby Lightfoot said...

Yay!! Mike Keneally!! yay, brian beller!!! yay, Jon Brion!!

I'm so inspired to tell some Keneally stories now.

I'll do it in my own backyard.

AlmstHvn said...

Keneally - what a talented bastage :) I LOVE the hedgerow references!

Do you get to see any of the current tour?