Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Resident Scold

My day at The American Street again: I've put up a piece about a performance artist I read about in the paper this morning, and tied her in with the vomitous McMansions I have to drive past every day. I am rapidly becoming The Street's Resident Scold.

Next week, something funny, I think. Lest they think me dour.


The Viscount LaCarte said...


Excellent piece on the street. I remember a segment some time ago on "60 Minutes" (back when I still believed that the $50 a month we were paying for cable TV was *almost* worth it) where Andy Rooney went to the car show. He was scowling at a Hummer, while the breathing plastic ornament (not included in the purchase price!) gushed, "It can scale a sixteen inch wall!" Andy responded, "You need that when you go to the mall..."

Down here, outside the Atlanta perimeter, I am surrounded by these "consumptionists," living in their steroid mansions, speeding off to church in their Lexus RX400s that sport those yellow ribbons proclaiming their fervent support of the boys over in Eye-Rack (until they come home and need medical attention and a job - "Why should MY MONEY pay for THEIR misfortune?" love THAT one!) - certain that when THE MAN returns next week they will be among the few who are immediately whisked away to Joytown while the likes of me will first get the pestilence and then the sleigh ride to Camp Satan.

My copy of the New Testament apparently didn't include "The Gospel According to Arnold," where all of this is clearly explained.

The Viscount LaCarte

Vache Folle said...

I share his lordship's admiration for your work.

I have stopped being angry about Hummer's and "Snout Houses" and McMansions. Live and let live, that's my mantra. I just use them as a time saving device. I know without any more effort or investigation that I do not want to know the folks in the Hummer or the obnoxious dwelling. I can save my limited time for social investments for people who are not socially irresponsible Philistines.

XTCfan said...

Interesting point, Vache! To tie-in to the good Viscount's piece, I remember a piece by Andy Rooney, in which he was describing his days in the Army, and how he got into trouble for supporting a fellow soldier who happened to be black. His credentials thus established, he then said, "Am I sometimes prejudiced? Of course I am! I don't have the time not to be!"

His point, of course, was that everyone makes snap judgements as a way of prioritizing and filtering choices. Of course, it helps if your judgements are based on direct observation and experience instead of hearsay and stereotypes.

So, I agree with your approach. Finding out that someone drives a Hummer, believes in creationism, or is a fervent follower of BushCo saves me a lot of time in the "getting to know you" dept.

Of course, when I'm feeling a little cranky, I can always indulge in a bit of this.