Friday, May 27, 2005

Happy Arbor Day!

As I type this, I'm seated in Wonder Woman's domain in the study, where a large window overlooks the front of the house. (I fervently pray that the WiFi service will be installed within the next week or two, so that I'm no longer tied to her computer for Internet activities, but until then I suffer along with this 28.8 kbps torture, the patience of Job stilling my liver...)

At any rate, I've just watched a fat rabbit -- probably replete with half my strawberry crop -- meander lazily through the gloaming, up from the lower lawn to its warren in my neighbor's yard. This would be a completely unremarkable event but that Peter Cottontail's progress was also watched desultorily by a sleepy Brown Fang lazing in the dying summer light. He's supposed to chase those things away. That's his purpose in life. Swine.

It is a Peacable Kingdom here at Jingo Acres.

Another nice thing about having moved away from the Washington suburbs is that I don't have to deal with all those Weekend Warriors in town for that profoundly silly Rolling Thunder jive. Do you reckon, at this point, whether a single one of these leather-clad proctologists on their $9000 Harleys knows a single goddamned thing about the Vietnam War beyond some inchoate urban-legend bullshit about long-dead POWs?

(I notice now that both Brown Fang and Ring Ting Ting have aroused themselves from slumber and are quite a bit more actively patrolling the perimeter for bunnies. That's better -- earn your keep, you miserable sponges.)

Don't come around here looking for Content this weekend. I'm taking a three-day break for burgers, beer and Liberal Guilt. Tomorrow we'll be attending a memorial barbeque for Bill Hines, who lived down the road and who died this February. Very nice man -- last summer he gave me an election bumper sticker he'd had printed up: "Dick Cheney Before He Dicks You." Other than that, it's gardening, cooking, organizing the potting shed and garage work-bench, and maybe some movies. Catch that Star Wars thing everybody's talking about.

I can't wait.

Meanwhile, go read Bobby Lightfoot, ya [vulgarity denoting female pudendum redacted in deference to Wonder Woman's outraged feminist sensibilities, although I bet she wouldn't have objected to the male equivalent].

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kevin wolf said...

Have a good weekend, Neddie. You deserve it. (Hell, we all do at this point. Didn't we once have fun - you know, seasons in the sun?)