Monday, May 02, 2005

Street Legal

Owing, I'm sure, to some horrible case of mistaken identity, which I'm sure will be rectified any moment now, I've been invited by Kevin Hayden, the editor of The American Street, to be a weekly contributor to that group blog. I've been given Wednesdays as my day to pitch in.

A quick glance at the roster of contributors will reveal a coterie of some of the smartest people in Left Blogsylvania -- giant Progressive brains fairly bulging out all over the landscape -- and the invitation to join this gang has me feeling like a dreadful fraud. Well, fraudulent is as fraudulent does, as the man said, and I'll keep up the grift until they rip the epaulets off my regimental tunic.

I'm probably not going to start absolutely right away. I need to lurk a bit, pick up on the zeitgeist. And as I've maybe said before, Net access at my rural home is a ridiculous 28.8 experience, and the kind of atomic-powered research you need to do justice to a Serious Frowny-Faced Political Post just ain't possible at that speed. With every digit I possess crossed and fervent Nembutsu chants raised every five minutes, I hope against hope that WiFi access might be granted me in late May, and at that point I think you can expect to start to see some posts that haven't been sneakily typed during lunch breaks -- both here and at The American Street.


scott said...

Neddie, congrats.

Vache Folle said...

About time. Yours is about the best written blog I have seen.

blue girl said...

Hey -- good for you. I've never been to The American Street, but if they're good, you deserve to be there. I remember your Book Meme response from Lance -- you seem to have fire in them fingers! Good luck!

The Heretik said...

Congratulations! Looking forward to more of yer stuff here and there.

handdrummer said...

Good going! You are one of the first blogs I look in on every day.

Beware the bandwidth loss, my son,
The blogs that byte, the bauds that snatch,
Beware the random blogger glitch and shun,
The timesink of comment match

Please continue. Sleep, I must have sleep.

Oscar Leroy said...

your meteoric rise through the blogosphere continues apace... well done, Mr. Jingo

Anonymous said...

'bout time such talent is being recognized! Those would be my genes. Mom