Thursday, April 28, 2005


Forgot to pass this along:

Once in the darkest days of the Reagan Years, Wonder Woman (with whom I go back quite some ways, come to think of it) and I were seated in a pizzeria on Bleecker Street in the West Village, feeding the inner man. Our table was next to a picture window facing a cross street, might have been 10th or Christopher. I think Matt Umanov Guitars was across the street.

Up the side street, a limousine crept. It stopped at a red light, right next to us.

The door of the limo crashed open, and out leaped Joe Jackson and two smokin'-hot babes. Joe was wearing a white ice-cream suit and a straw skimmer.

The three of them danced around the limo, hollering and generally whooping it up. Joe twirled first one, then the other of the two babes. Waving the skimmer in the air, he did a manic buck-and-wing down the sidewalk.

The light turned green, and the three of them, alerted by the driver, leaped back into the limo and sped off into the night, leaving WW and I rolling on the pizzeria floor.

It was the Eighties. Joe had "Night and Day" under his belt, and no doubt a fine headful of Bolivian Marching Powder in his brain.

Can't say just the tiniest touch of green didn't glow around the Jingo phiz.


Kevin of Devon said...

When I lived in NYC I once spied Joe walking down Canal Street, looking somewhat hurried. First time I'd seen him in life and saw how tall and lanky he is. Cut quite a figure. I let him pass unmolested, as is the custom of New Yorkers. No autographs, man. Just living in the city here, all us creative people. (Okay, so your story is much better.)

Bobby Lightfoot said...

Boy, wouldn't you just kill for those good ol' darkest days of the Reagan Administration, eh?

those were the days. Days of innocence. Days of wine and roses.

Days of me crashing at yo pad on E. 29th St. and cruisin' Wash. Sq. Park for "loose joints y'all".

Kevin Hayden said...

Off-topic: Ned, would you give me a yell by e-mail? I'm at kaDOThaydenATcomcastDOT

oh yeah, add 'net' to that.

Grazi, Gracias, Merci.

The Viscount LaCarte said...

Maybe Chuck Russell was there that night as well?

"I wonder if he's seen these jokers, and I wonder if he laughs or if he cries?"

unrepentant resources said...
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Anonymous said...
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